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TEXAPI PLUS is a software (for Windows) designed to do Telegram Marketing using the official Telegram APIs. Below is a list of the main operations that you can do with TexAPI immediately after installation and configuration:

  1. View and export up to 10’000 members of a given group (GROUP SCRAPER)
  2. Configure multiple Telegram accounts and choose from time to time which one to use (MULTI-ACCOUNT)
  3. Send bulk invitations to all users in a group to join your group or channel (BULK INVITE)
  4. Create and send text messages to all your Telegram contacts in just one click (BULK MESSAGE)
  5. Send an image to all your Telegram contacts (BULK IMG)
  6. Send a text message to multiple groups or channels with one click (BULK MSG TO GROUP/CHANNEL)
  7. Import contacts to your Telegram account from Excel
  8. View and export all your Telegram contacts to PC (BULK CONTACT ESPORT)

To get started download and install the program on your Windows PC in FREE version from the following link

NOTE: The FREE version of TEXAPI has limitations on the number of messages or invitations that can be sent. This software allows you to communicate with Telegram users who know you and who expect to receive your messages or invitations, and is not a spam tool, so we are not responsible in case of suspension or ban of your Telegram account.

[GUIDE] How does TEXAPI work?

  1. Installation
  2. TEXAPI Configuration
  3. Send messages to all Telegram contacts
  4. Import or Export all Telegram contacts on PC
  5. Extract all members of a Telegram group
  6. Sending Massive Invitations to increase your group members
  7. Send messages to multiple groups/channels at the same time
  8. Anti-ban tips


Download TEXAPI on your Windows PC. You will download a .exe file. Double-click to start the installation and when it is done you will see an icon on your desktop. To open the program right-click on the icon and then select “Run as Administrator Here is the TEXAPI home screen:

Click on the Language icon if you want to change the language of the program to the one you prefer. In the following guide we will use the English version.


To use the program you will need to configure it by adding some information (API). This configuration should only be done once, you will not have to redo it every time.To get the APIs of your Telegram account follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the site and enter the phone number associated with your Telegram account. Click Next and you will receive a code on Telegram. Enter that code in the appropriate field for verification.
  2. After verification, a page will open with some options. Click on API DEVELOPMENT TOOLS
  3. On the page that opens, enter fictitious data in title, short name and description, for example:
  4. Save the data and then a page will open with the information we need to configure TEXAPI. 

From the TEXAPI home screen click on SETUP and enter the phone number, api_id and api_hash in the appropriate window. Finally click on SAVE.

To complete configurations of the program click on the AUTHORIZATION icon and select the Telegram phone number to use. Press on SEND and as soon as you receive the autorization code enter it in the appropriate field.

Done! If everything has been done correctly you will receive a positive message. Now you can use all the functions of the program!

NB: If Authentication does not work, please check your Telegram account and DISABLE the two step verification (if it is enabled): Open Telegram, go in Settings –> Pravacy and Security –> turn off Two step verification.


TEXAPI allows you to send text messages (or an image) to all your Telegram contacts (or a part of them). The first thing you need to do is to press on the MESSAGE icon on the home screen of the program. Then you will have to enter the text message you want to send to your contacts.

NB: You can also enter more than one variant of the message. The program will send one of the messages you have entered randomly. This mechanism reduces the risk of bans.

After writing the message, go to the CONTACT tab of the program. Here you will have to select the CONTACT LIST icon and then press at the bottom on SYNC button to synchronize the data. On the screen will appear all your Telegram contacts with details (name, username, phone number, etc ..)

After all the contacts are synchronized with the program you can press at the top on the SEND MESSAEGE icon. Here you will have the option to choose which contacts to send the message to (click below on SELECT ALL to select them all). Finally press on the START button to start the process of sending messages to your contacts.

By default, an interval of 5 seconds is set between one message and the next. This interval reduces the risk of bans. You can also think about increasing this delay.

With the demo version of the program you can send messages to up to 5 contacts at a time. On the right of the program will also appear the outcome of the sending and you will be able to know which messages have been successful and which have not.

If instead of (or in addition) to the text message you also want to send an image, press on the SEND IMG icon and then click on BROWSE to choose the image (or photo) from your PC. Finally press on START and the image will be sent to ALL your Telegram contacts (here there is no possibility to select a part of them).

NB: If you want to send a message or images to contacts NOT saved in your Telegram account and you already have the complete list of “@Username” or “Phone numbers”, we recommend using another of our TEXSENDER programs (program designed to send massive Telegram messages even to those who are not in your address book).


If you need to save all Telegram contacts on your PC (in an Excel file), with TexApi it is very simple. All you have to do is open the program, access the CONTACT tab and then click on CONTACT LIST. Then press down on SYNC to load all contacts and finally on EXPORT to save them in a CSV/EXCEL file on your computer.

If, on the contrary, you want to import contacts into your Telegram account, you have to press the button below IMPORT and then select the EXCEL file containing all the details. Make sure that the excel file has three column with the following header: FirstName, LastName and Phone

Fill in the Excel file by entering the telephone number with country code under the Phone column. If you don’t know your name and surname, you can also put fictitious names. Then click the IMPORT button to import the Excel file you created. The program will only import those contacts who have an active Telegram account! Please also note that Telegram does not allow to import too many contacts at once, and places a limit on 50 or 100.

If you want to import contacts to send mass messages to them, we recommend an alternative solution. You can use our other software: TEXSENDER. With TexSender you can import the list of username IDs or phone numbers (extracted with TEXAPI) and send a message to everyone.

After importing, open Telegram, go to Contacts and you should see all the contacts just imported from Excel! Also from the Contact List section you can also delete contacts by simply selecting them and then pressing the DEL button at the bottom.


TYEXAPI has a powerful “Group Scraper” function thanks to which it is possible to extrapolate up to 10’000 members from a given Group. The program uses official API Telegram to get results (it can send a request for 10000 members and get result <=10000). Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Access the Group menu at the top and then select the GROUP LIST icon
  2. Press bottom on GET… and wait for all the groups (present on your Telegram account) to appear in the program
  3. Click on the right on GET MEMBER in correspondence with the desired group

4. After pressing GET MEMBER wait until the program finishes analyzing and extracting all the data. Finally a window will open with the list of all the members of that group (even if there are thousands).

5. To extrapolate all members (with name, username, phone number, etc.) clicks down on EXPORT. The data will be saved on your PC in a .csv file.

NB: Members can only be extrapolated from Groups and not from Channels.


If you want to increase the popularity of your group or channel, Texapi’s MASS INVITE feature will surely help you.

This feature contact the members of another group (competitor group to yours) inviting them to join your group. To use this feature make sure you are already a member of the “competitor” group to whose members you want to send invitations and remember that Telegram allows to send max 200 invitations per day per account. So you need to use different Telegram accounts to invite more people.

To use this feature follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Access the GROUP section and then click on GROUP LIST. Press  at the bottom of the GET button to synchronize all the groups of your Telegram account with the program.

Step 2. Press on GET MEMBER in correspondence of the group “competitor” to yours to save locally all the details of its members

Step 3. Press at the top of the BATCH INVITE icon and in the window that appears select the source group (the competing group to yours) and the recipient group (yours). Finally press on START below. The program will start sending massive invitations to all members of the source group and you will be able to see in real time all the new members who will be added to your group!

With the demo version of TEXAPI you can send up to 5 invitations at a time. Buy the PRO version to have no limitations. We only recommend that you add a delay of 5-10 seconds to reduce the risk of bans.


If you want to send a text message to all the groups/channels you are subscribed to, first make sure that you have entered at least one message in TEXAPI and then access the GROUP–> GROUP LIST function to synchronize all the groups in the program and finally go to BATCH SEND.

Here you can decide which groups/channels to send your message to. Finally press on START to start the submission process.


The demo version of TEXAPI has several limitations. For example, you can’t send more than 5 messages at a time, and you can’t export members of a group to your PC. To remove these limitations go to the ABOUT menu and then press the BUY NOW icon.

Buy a license and you will receive by email the activation code to be entered in the appropriate registration window (ABOUT –> REGISTER)


Sending mass messages or invitations via Telegram may cause your account to be temporarily suspended if you don’t take some precautions. This suspension usually lasts 24 hours. However, if Telegram continues to detect misuse, it may permanently suspend your account.

We are not responsible for the use of the tool and we are not responsible in the event of a Telegram account ban.
Here are some tips to minimize the risk of bans:
1- Possibly, do not use your personal Telegram account for mass sending.
2 – If you’re using a new number and a new Telegram account, use it for a few days before you start a mass submission by sending and receiving individual messages with friends/relatives. This will increase the “reputation” of the account.
3- When you start making mass operations, start with small groups (e.g. 50 or 100 contacts) and then increase.
4- Use the random message sending function (inserting multiple variants) and always enter a delay of 5-10 seconds between two consecutive messages. Telegram does not allow you to send more than 20 messages per minute.
5. Send messages only to users who have given consent to receive your (commercial) communications

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