1. The software is not running, why?
Please be sure you have the NET framework installed in your PC. To download and install .NET framework: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework. Also be sure you are opening the program with ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS.

The software to run properly need of the following components:

1. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2019

2. Net Framework 4.8


If your telegram client has set Two-step verification, please remove two-step verification, otherwise it will not work

If the program still does not open, go to the Windows search bar and enter %appdata%. Click enter and it will open the ROAMING FOLDER. Search and click on TEXAPI subfolder. Inside it you will see the tg.db file and a log.txt file. Please send that log file to us to info@texsender.net.

2. How many members can the software extract from a group?
Telegram API interface allow to send a request for max 10’000 members. So for each group the program can extract <= 10’000 members at a time.

3. I have problems to import contacts, how can I solve it?
Be sure to import excel with the name in first column, lastname in second and phone number in third column. Be sure that the excel file has the following headers names: FirstName, LastName and Phone.

4. Can I check out all members of a group?
Telegram API interface allow to send a request for max 10’000 members. So for each group the program can extract <= 10’000 members at a time.

5. How many messages can I send per day?
The program has no limits. We recommend that you always set a delay of 5-10 seconds. If by chance the limits of Telegram are exceeded, a “flood” error will appear. In this case it is necessary to wait 24 hours and then resume the bulk messaging activities

6. How many invitations can I send per day? What is PEER FLOOD error?
There is no predefined limit. Also in this case we recommend putting a delay of 5-10 seconds between two successive calls to reduce the risk of “PEER FLOOD” error (telegram limits exceeded). Usually the limit is 200 members that can be added to a group from an account. You have to use another Telegram account to add other 200 members to your group.

7. What are the limitations of the free version?
The demo version of Texapi allows you to send a maximum of 5 messages or invitations at a time. It also does not allow you to export the members of a group, only to view them.

8. What is your refund policy?
As Texapi is a software offered in demo mode, we do not offer refunds. Once the license is used to activate the program, it is no longer revoked. We therefore advise you to carefully check the demo version and proceed with the purchase only if you are sure that it is the right product for your needs.

9. How is the program activated?
After purchase, you will receive the program activation code via email. To activate it go to the ABOUT menu and then press the icon with the key. Enter your email and registration code to activate the software and remove the restrictions.

10. On how many PCs can I activate the program with 1 license?
1 License is for 1 PC only. In the event of a PC change, you can transfer the license to a new PC.

11. How can I remove a saved account from the program?
Go on the Windows search bar and type %AppData%. Click enter to open the folder AppData/Roaming folder. Now search subfolder TEXAPIauth and open it. Finally delete the folder named with your phone number. In this way your Telegram account will be definetely removed from the program.

12. How to reset the program?
If you have problem switching account, or you are not more able to batch invite or use other functions, we suggest you to reset the program. Here are the steps:

1. Close the program
2. Search for %AppData% in Windows search box and click enter to access to AppData/Roaming folder
3. Search and delete the folder TEXAPIauth and the folder TEXAPI.
4. Disable the TWO factor authentication on your Telegram account (if it is enabled)
5. Now open Texapi (with administrator rights) and configure it again entering phone, api_id, api_hash of the account to use.


For any other questions please contact us via email or via live chat (click on the Live Chat button on the right bar).